(we are shipping only to EU countries + Great Britain)

We are shipping our perfumes and cosmetics only to European Union countries. We offer very competitive rates, calculated on real costs of the transport providers and insurance costs. Below you will find basic information about delivery costs of perfumes to certain countries. If your country is not listed below just contact us and we will send you exact costs of shipping goods to your destination.

Delivery costs to certain countries:

Cost and time of delivery to selected countries:

Austria20 €2-3 days
Belgium20 €2-3 days
Bulgaria40 €3-4 days
Czech Republic20 €2-3 days
Denmark30 €2-3 days
Estonia20 €2-3 days
Finland30 €3-4 days
France24 €3-4 days
Germany20 €2-3 days
Greece45 €4-5 days
Hungary24 €2-3 days
Ireland45 €3-4 days
Italy24 €3-4 days
Latvia20 €2-3 days
Lithuania20 €2-3 days
Netherlands20 €2-3 days
Norway48 € + 40 € customs clearance5-6 days
Portugal36 €3-4 days
Romania34 €3-4 days
Slovakia17 €2-3 days
Slovenia28 €3-4 days
Spain35 €3-4 days
Sweden30 €2-3 days
Switzerland36 € + 40 € customs clearance5-6 days
United Kingdom45 € (shipping + customs clearance)3-4 days

 If you will order perfumes for bigger amount we will ship them in two separate packages (one package cannot exceed 30 kg), or if it is more than 120 kg we will probably ship the order on pallet. We will send you exact information about delivery and insurance costs after placing an order.